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Clean, Safe Water for Southeast Asia



We support nonprofits such as Water for Cambodia who builds and installs biosand water filters, household units that produce clean drinking water directly from contaminated sources. With 10,000 filters in place Water for Cambodia has brought clean water to more than 70,000 people. In addition to installing water filters, literacy classes and libraries are offered to young village women providing basic reading, writing and math skills. As the primary caregiver they also receive instructions in health, hygiene and the proper use and maintenance of water fliters. A water testing lab monitors filter performance. This holistic approach is helping to break the cycle of disease and poverty.

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You can make a difference right now:


Think of the impact made on a community in Cambodia when people donate time and money to install clean water systems. With your help, Geo-Life, Inc., is committed to making a difference in Southeast Asia by working with local communities for providing clean, safe water resources where children die from waterborne diseases.

Just $20 will give a person clean, safe drinking water.
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Children's bodies aren't strong enough to fight waterborne diseases.


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