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Clean Safe Water for India
We work with nonprofits such as APT Social Service Society which is a small non-profit/charity organization established mainly to bring about social and qualitative changes in the lives of the under-privileged and desperately poor people of Andhra Pradesh, India.

We also work with HARITIKA
 (a nonprofit NGO) who service people whose lives are dominated by extreme poverty, illiteracy, and disease. With multifaceted development interventions, HARITIKA strives to bring about positive changes in the quality of life of the poor people of BUNDELKHAND region of UP and MP, India. by Patrick Cox

Water & Environment
There was just one well with drinking water in the area for the poor. Women have to travel by foot a long way to collect drinking water.

Health camps for women and children at 23 villages are provided;
Awareness programs about HIV/AIDS, TB and drug usage for HIV/AIDS affected people;

APT Social Service Society is providing nutrition to orphaned children, pregnant women and infants.


You can make a difference right now:

Think of the impact made on a community in India when people donate time and money to install a fresh water well. With your help, Geo-Life, Inc., is committed to making a difference in India by working with local communities for providing clean water resources.

Just $20 will give a person clean, safe drinking water
Donate to Clean Water Projects in India


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