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Environmental Justice

Their is a need to protect low income communities from industrial pollution discharging to their rivers, lakes and streams. When protecting natural environments people live in, we must prevent contamination from entering the waterways and protect their natural corridors. These rivers, lakes and streams are the lifeblood of communities especially in developing countries. Pollutants of these waterways are identified in two categories: point source contamination such as industrial / manufacturing facilities and nonpoint source stormwater runoff from built areas. Contaminates include oil and grease from roads, fertilizers / pesticides from farms and lawns, and contamination / chemicals from industrial / commercial areas.

To remove pollution from waterways, Geo-Life designs systems that use filtration for industrial contaminants and retention pond systems with biological planting schemes, such as Bio-Swales and open retention ponds for organic contaminants. These systems are designed to remove pollution before it flows to lakes, streams, rivers and eventually the oceans. These systems are not expensive and can be a part of a natural corridor through communities that provide safe water for people to use, a place for wildlife to live and fresh filtered air for all life. Vegetation along these restored waterways removes contaminates from the waterway and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

by Patrick Cox


Removing pollution from waterways: a 55 min. lesson produced by Geo-Life, Inc.
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