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Drinking Water for Battambang, Cambodia

From left to Right:These children are from 4 families the Nak family (4), the Hout family (5), The Pang family (3) and the Meng family (2 in front).

These children live with their parents in a small village in Battambang, Cambodia. The only source of drinking water in the area are local streams which are contaminated with waterborne diseases. Children's bodies aren't strong enough to fight diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, E.coli, salmonella typhus, cholera vibrios, hepatitis A and other illnesses.

A child dies every 19 seconds from waterborne diseases and the sad part is we have the technology to prevent this. One effective solution we use is to tap local groundwater with a well and pump. Groundwater infiltration removes pathogens and bacteria from water. Clean water is just 30’ to 40' below the ground surface.

A properly installed well and pump system can provide safe drinking water for the entire village. So we installed a fresh water well with our partner in Battambang, Cambodia and now the entire village is healthier. Children have a fighting chance to live long productive lives and give back to their families and community.

This is just one story about helping children live spirited lives, and it’s just the beginning. There are many thousands of people that need clean, safe drinking water in Cambodia. We have a lot to do and you can help. Public awareness is so important, so please inform your friends and family about this problem with social media and emails. And if possible, please donate to give families the gift of clean, safe drinking water.
by Patrick Cox

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